We Design, We Built and We Educate

Archirama Pty Ltd; 

Archirama name means the source of architecture as the word Archirama is mainly 2 words

Archi: for architecture and

Rama means the source in ancient languages.

We are registered architects in Victoria – Australia

Archirama provides clients with a full architectural service from design to construction including interior design. We work in all sectors of projects including complex projects.​

Archirama pty ltd is an Australian architectural practice owned by architect Weam Elbedewy who is an Australian registered architect in Victoria with experience of more than 15yrs and works as a teacher in one of Melbourne's biggest universities.

We believe in our job and duties towards our clients as Architecture is the branch of knowledge that shapes and structures places for human activities. It gives an answer to several and various issues, where solutions embody the designer’s creativity and intellect. Architectural quest doesn’t simply resolve itself nor in a stylish, nor a functional, nor an economic, nor a technological answer.  Archirama architectural answer comes through making a solution to all those issues, where we manage to blend and structure them together with sensibility and control to meet our client needs and expectations.

​On the other hand, we provide training in Revit, Autocad & 3d max. Our teachers are architects and certified professional Autodesk with a heavy experience that gathers between technical and soft skills.

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