Architecture Model Sketching
Modern House Exterior

Architectural Plans ( LAYOUT )

Architectural Plans to each project passes a few stages before it comes ready for construction. Starting from the conceptual design stage where we discuss with the client different design options made especially to fit his needs and expectations. After choosing one of the options, we start our next stage which is the design development in which we develop the design to make sure of window size, natural lighting, ventilation, shadowing, overlooking, and much more... The client will be engaged at each stage to give his approval. After DA stage we move to the Permit drawings where all dimensions are located and design is locked to be ready for Building permit. Then the last stage comes to issue Construction plans with full details.

ArchitecturalDesign ( Exterior )

Architectural Design is the main design for a building, where it includes Plans which shows room space and relation, In addition to Elevations design which related to the customer preferred style from several styles as Modern, Classic, and Spanish.... etc.

Also in this stage, we study the materials and finishes for the exterior theme, and general furniture layout to specify electricity points.

As I know it is the most important process in the project so I try always to minimize the built-up area to what fits your needs no more.


Modern Fireplace

Interior Design ( Decoration)

Interior Design is the interior taste and feel of any space that is why you should be careful in choosing which taste you need to go with. The same space could look hot or Cold, Classic or Modern. It depends on what you think about and how to translate your needs to nature touched feelings.

In this stage, I design Ceilings which include AC, Light, Gypsum board Pattern and design, Also Walls design according to materials and usage you wish, and Floors which may be simple or include Patterns & Finally the Furniture layout and colors with the palette of materials and samples with a narrow focus on light distribution.

Looking Over Architectural Plans
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Documentation ( Working Drawings)

3D Modeling & Rendering

Documentation is a process that should intersect in any of the previous processes, this is the translation of ideas to drawing that help builder to put the design on-site.

I depend on Revit or AutoCAD to do this process which mainly depends on the project size and customer needs.

This stage includes Details, Sections, Elevations & Plans with detailed Dims, Schedules & tables, and more to give.

Also, I could help you in this process to complete your Design Phase if needed.


3D is the main feeling of the project before start building it up, it declares the materials used, the ratio of masses, windows design, and absolutely the Main style of the building. This process is a must in both architectural and interior design that gives the customer all the flexibility to modify and arrange his needs before going to the real world.

Being Certified from Autodesk in Revit & Max gives me the power to finish my model quickly and easy going to the full render in either still IMG or animated movie.