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Intelligent & Creative

Creative, unique, Innovative, and masterpiece design is our role in any project

Our designs show our ability on how we could produce a new architectural vision for our clients using the highest technology as we believe that Architecture is the branch of knowledge that shapes and structures places for human activities. A genuine architectural design comes through making a blend of stylish, functional, and economical solutions together with sensibility and control to achieve the client's needs and expectations and that is what we do in Archirama.

Archirama is an ancient word that means the source of architecture, In Archirama We Always try to put our special finger-print in any of our designs.

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The main purpose of the plan is to fit the client's needs, expectations, and to match land behavior by considering site orientation, dimensions, and leveling which 100% differ from one to another. That's why we at ARCHIRAMA do custom design and never duplicate it.

The plan design should also consider circulation to avoid waste space and allow for the maximum site usage with the least cost.

At Archirama we do the architectural plan design with full care to allow for the natural lighting and ventilation which affects the internal feeling of the space, this comes parallel with studying the furniture layout and how each client lifestyle in each space.

Architectural Plan Design
Start your project now 

 Looking to start your project now, and worried about budget, building process, experience ....


We work with an experienced consultants and builders that could support you in the project and can mitigate risks. 


We do contract administration for small to mega projects and take the position of the client which allow the building process to move smoothly and quickly.


Contact us to get a clear planning plan for your project before starting to make sure it fits your budget and needs.

Design and documentation

At Archirama, We design, document, and assist clients to get their required permits.

All our architects are responsible to meet client budgets from starting the project till tendering through the engagement of cost estimator specialists.

At Archirama, We & our consultants are using the highest technology to put our clients to a safe step. We are using BIM software no.1 in the world which helps to detect problems before happen in real.


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Imagination to reality

Transfer your dream design to real through our virtual reality system. Virtual reality (VR) is the experience of full immersion in a simulated world achieved via hardware. 

Now with us, you can build your project and move inside it and feel the finishes and colors and space size before you build it.

No risk for interior design or change of specs on real life, save your money and time and have a VR session to explore your project now.

Check our services page to explore our services. 

VR Headset